Here are some typical race-day questions we receive from our Race Directors:

  • 1. What do you need from us, tables, chairs etc?
  • 2. How many volunteers do you need from us?
  • 3. What tasks do we handle/you handle?
  • 4. What information do we need on same day forms for our software?
  • 5. What time do you arrive on site?
  • 6. How do we handle final payment to you?

  • 1. We supply all our tables and chairs
  • 2. We typically only need one volunteer who can run us the same day registration forms
  • 3. We handle all results/finish line activity (we post results on-site and online, we give you age group awards winners). We don't do much with the pre-registration and same day registration aside from entering the same day registrants into our computers on raceday.
  • 4. Bib number, first name, last name, age, gender, city, state
  • 5. 2 hours before the start
  • 6. Typically we end up netting our timing fee against the outstanding registration revenue and mailing you a check. Let me know if that works.