Welcome to RaceWire Athlete! Your main page is called “My Page” Click “Hi, First name!” to make edits to your profile. “Find Events” allows you to search upcoming races you can sign up for “Results and photos” allows you to search results and photos for races you’ve been in Click the “i” to see more information on certain parts of your page. Trophy room shows you if/when you’ve placed in a race Personal records show you your best race times according to distance Your most recent race will be underneath your profile photo. If you scroll down, you will find another search box. You will see “Possible Matches” which may be races that you ran in. Click to confirm or remove them from your profile. You will see a longer list of all results that are in our database that you’ve claimed as yours. Photos will be displayed on the right side of your page. Locations shows you where you’ve run events. Near the bottom of your page you can take a look at some different graphs that will display information about your pace over time, or your pace compared to your peers. At the very bottom of your page you will see a list of races you’ve signed up for that are upcoming, if you are a team captain or fundraising.