RaceWire Lite is simple timing software that you can manage on event day. You'll save hundreds of dollars off your timing bill, and it's as easy as hitting enter on your keyboard – seriously – you won't miss frantically scribbling finish times on a note pad. You'll have remote assistance from our team just a phone call away, and you will be sure to impress your runners with the speedy results texts, customized bib numbers and the feel of professional race timing.
Huge Savings
Timing for $199 vs. thousands!
Slash last year's timing bill in half – you read that right. You will never pay more than 50% of any professional timing alternative – that's a promise.
Make your life simpler by using our new advanced software
Keep the Frills
Much easier than traditional manual timing methods
Look professional and high tech by still being able to send out text and emails to runners with their race times
Free race bibs
Post results online and print overall and age group results on race day (if you want to)
The Same Great Customer Service
You'll receive comprehensive training before race day
Our helpful staff is on call to assist you with any issues race day
We've timed thousands of races so know how to solve any problem quickly
We provide your event with free bib numbers for timed athletes! The full color bibs are printed and then sent right to your door before your race.
I was hosting my first road race and was on a tight budget. Not only was the RaceWire team friendly and helpful, but also RaceWire Lite allowed me to put more of the proceeds towards the charity for which we were fundraising. With the support of my RaceWire contact, I was able to offer the hundred or so runners a professionally timed and well managed race. RaceWire Lite is a perfect solution to managing the costs of a small race. I highly recommend it!
RaceWire Lite is awesome.

Love it!!!! So easy. Thank you guys. We had 155 runners and the winner did 10 miles in 55:23.

I love RaceWire so much I would marry it if I could.
This software was created with you in mind. It takes no time to learn how to use RaceWire Lite, and once you know, you'll look like a pro! One of our team members will get you fully trained in less than half an hour, and from there, you're good to go. Your results can be printed on site, and we will send text and email alerts out to runners too. Your little race just got a whole lot cooler.
In under 30 minutes we remotely train race directors and their staff to master the software and are one call away race day should anything come up!
Results Reporting
Print age group and overall reports or view them on a phone live for awards presentations.
Online Results
Posting results online doesn't get any easier! Just press one button!
Learn what RaceWire Lite is all about!