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And we can do the same for you. Create a custom package based on your needs. Choose the services you need and see how much you can save by using RaceWire!
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2020 has been a difficult year for events. In-person events have disappeared since March, but your runners still want to get out and participate in a meaningful way. We can help convert your existing race to a virtual run, or help you start a new virtual race from scratch.
  • No cost to you as the event director
  • Built in tools to facilitate virtual races
  • Customizable digital bib numbers sent to all participants
  • Real race results on race day, along with emails and text messages to all your participants
  • RaceWire Account Manager to help guide you along the process, the same as with a real in-person race
  • Ability to add-on shirts, medals and other swag - we'll even send to your participants
No need to wait for us!
Get your event up in minutes
Our results, photos, videos and calendar of upcoming events have millions of runners visiting our site to check out their own accomplishments, what their friends are up to, and to find their next challenge. By using RaceWire, you are exposing your event to these ready, willing and able athletes.
  • Millions of runners visit RaceWire each year
  • We only list events that use our services on our calendar
  • Race Recommender automatically suggests your race if it is in an athlete’s geography
  • 20% average increase in finishers after a race switches to RaceWire from another online platform
We provide events with free bib numbers for timed athletes if they use RaceWire for timing. The full color bibs are prepped by us, and then sent right to your door before your race.
No need to wait for us!
Get your event up in minutes
Start line and finish photos of your event are free for you and your participants to download, share and print. A lot of work went into your race – you deserve to review the finished product!
We designed our platform from the ground up specifically with you in mind. We work with races of all sizes nationwide, so whether it's your very first 5K or you're an established annual event, we can accommodate your needs. Our registration page can be fully customized to match the look and feel of your event website. Plus, you can add promo codes, team registration, or a fundraising page! Participants will love the easy sign up, and with social media fully integrated, they can share their registration on Facebook, Twitter and more!
Built for You!
We know what you are looking for, so we delivered all the features you need right to your fingertips. Your page will be simple to set up, secure and easy to manage.
Just Plain Easy
You never have to close your online registration. Participants can like your Facebook page or share their registration on Twitter. Fundraising is easily integrated into the registration process, encouraging participants to give back to your cause!
Customized Forms
We want your event to be a brand. That’s why we use highly customizable registration forms to match your event website, your bibs, t-shirts and more! Create a personalized RaceWire domain name to link from your event page, sending interested participants right to our website. With a few clicks, they will be signed up and ready to go!
RaceWire utilizes the international leader of state-of-the art timing equipment and disposable-bib tags to ensure accurate and timely results (no pun intended). We've timed and help organize thousands of events, so we understand the stress of being a race director. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, attention to detail and high level of customer service. We love what we do, and that will translate throughout your entire experience.
We can help design, organize and assign your bib numbers for you and deliver them prepped and ready to go right to your door.
Athlete Experience
Text and email alerts will be sent to athletes with their race results as they finish. Timers will post results and/or awards on site and online and continue to update them as athletes finish. Photos of athletes are tagged and posted online, plus sent directly to their email the same day of the race. The best part? Photos are free!
Our Equipment
We use the world leader in timing equipment and technology. You’ll find the same systems at some of the most prestigious running and multi-sport events internationally. We offer both disposable bib-tags for road races and a reusable system for multi-sport events.
The icing on the cake for most races is apparel. We offer both tech and cotton options in men’s, women’s, unisex and youth sizes. We put you directly in touch with our screen printer to ensure timely communication and a professionally designed shirt. Keep all aspects of your event under one roof to save time and money.
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