Gifford Cat Shelter 2021 Meow Mile 5K

  • 09.26.2021 @ 10:00 AM
  • Brighton, Massachusetts
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The swell cats & kittens at Gifford need money. I need exercise. Let's do this.
Funds Raised
$405 / $250 (100%)
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About Gifford Cat Shelter
At Gifford, cats are free to roam and play. They nap in sunny windows, get plenty of exercise, and enjoy tons of love and attention while they wait for their forever homes. A no-kill shelter, Gifford believes that all cats should have a chance to live their lives free of pain and fear. No matter their story, every Gifford cat has a future to look forward to. And until they find their new homes, they'll spend their days in bright, open environments, getting all the love they need!
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Meow (remix):
Mimolette and Morton
The Thurston Family
In loving memory of our Cheesie ❤️
Iggy & Zeke
We love walkies! 😻😻
Pearl, Whiskey and Tequila Conley
Shelter pets are the bestest!
Erin & Dip
Awesome work helping kitties!
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